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When life gives you some mouldy lemons

When life throws some mouldy lemons your way, what do you do? Whether those lemons are in the form of a traumatic event, a loss, or even just a really shitty day…those lemons can change everything.

Something happened to me recently that has changed my life and perspective. More on the details another day but the ‘event’ was traumatic and life-changing. My whole purpose and outlook on life has been changed and oh boy, what a rollercoaster of change.

So not only am I going through the emotions of what happened but this change has left me feeling quite lost. The ‘change’ has not finished happening yet, I am still on the rollercoaster and I am waiting to see where I land.

At this point in time, it has been three and a half weeks since the event and I know it’s not yet enough time but I really want to start working towards my new goals and dreams. The only problem is I am still trying to work them out fully. The other problem is what happened to me is still playing with my emotions and will continue to do so for quite a while, this means the willingness to work on myself and my dreams comes and goes like big ole’ crashing waves.

Back to my original question: What do you do when life throws you some stinky mouldy lemons?

Answer: I held onto the lemons…I still have them. While I would love to say I’ve thrown them away, I can’t just yet and I guess that is okay. I am hoping I can soon but I am allowing myself some time. Time to think, talk, and just be. I have support, love and I am beyond lucky to have people to reach out to.

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