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Plans and Goals: June 2018

My plans and goals for June 2018.

After my last post where I wrote about not being where I want to be because I have been lazy, this month is all about getting the work done. No excuses.

Personal plans + goals:

Exercise more. I haven’t mentioned this here yet, but I am 18 weeks pregnant (the last week of May) and it has really tired me out. Now I am out of the 1st trimester I feel like I have more energy again. My plans for exercise are fast walking, swimming, squats and gentle stretching.

Read more. I am in one of my most relaxed states when I am reading.

Keep house. Keep the bathroom and bedroom clean (they have had a deep clean recently) and deep clean 1 more room.

Measurable goals: 2 days of exercise a week,  to read 1 (fiction) book, clean bathroom and bedroom once a week, deep clean one room.

Blog plans + goals:

I have two blogs, my plan is to stick to my schedule, even if it’s not on the right day, at least get all the posts done. For both blogs.

Measurable goals: 9 blog posts on each site. 18 in total.

Shop plans + goals:

I have 3 shops, perhaps I am being a little ambitious but we will see in the next few months. Again this month my plan is to stick to my shop schedule I have, adding new products, designing, brainstorming, etc.

Measurable goals: Add 5 listings to my main shop, 2 to my second, and for the third; brainstorm, list and put into order of production.

I’ll be back on the last day of June to see how I’ve done and hopefully give myself a massive pat on the back!






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