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Plans and Goals: June 2018

My plans and goals for June 2018.

After my last post where I wrote about not being where I want to be because I have been lazy, this month is all about getting the work done. No excuses.

Personal plans + goals:

Exercise more. I haven’t mentioned this here yet, but I am 18 weeks pregnant (the last week of May) and it has really tired me out. Now I am out of the 1st trimester I feel like I have more energy again. My plans for exercise are fast walking, swimming, squats and gentle stretching.

Read more. I am in one of my most relaxed states when I am reading.

Keep house. Keep the bathroom and bedroom clean (they have had a deep clean recently) and deep clean 1 more room.

Measurable goals: 2 days of exercise a week,  to read 1 (fiction) book, clean bathroom and bedroom once a week, deep clean one room.

Blog plans + goals:

I have two blogs, my plan is to stick to my schedule, even if it’s not on the right day, at least get all the posts done. For both blogs.

Measurable goals: 9 blog posts on each site. 18 in total.

Shop plans + goals:

I have 3 shops, perhaps I am being a little ambitious but we will see in the next few months. Again this month my plan is to stick to my shop schedule I have, adding new products, designing, brainstorming, etc.

Measurable goals: Add 5 listings to my main shop, 2 to my second, and for the third; brainstorm, list and put into order of production.

I’ll be back on the last day of June to see how I’ve done and hopefully give myself a massive pat on the back!






Too lazy or too scared


It’s a big question in my life, as I look back over the years (god that sounds very old person like doesn’t it!) I can see quite clearly that I have wasted a massive amount of time. But why? I have always had goals, ideas, dreams and ambitions but was I scared of failing…or just plain lazy?

Just plain lazy

While I would love to think it was the former, I have a hunch it was the latter. Laziness has stopped me from achieving my dreams. And if I am being totally honest it still does.

There is always a reason to put of working on my …let’s call them projects… until tomorrow. Normally it’s tiredness, but alas, tiredness happens every damn day. If it doesn’t then my excuse? Well, I need a break. A break from what exactly! Doing eff all?! Okay so maybe I’m being a little harsh on myself, work is tiring, no matter what job I’ve had, I’m nearly always tired when I get home. Office jobs have had the tendency to bore the living daylights out of me and pretending to be busy and clock watching is pretty tiring. Currently, I work 30 hours in retail. Now when I first got this job over a year ago, I thought 30 hours/4 days would give me plenty of time to be working on my dreams. The thing I forgot about was the last time I worked in retail I was 19,  I had nothing to do when I got home except watch movies and eat. I am sure I was tired but I definitely was as tired as I am now. I suspect this has a great deal with being a bit overweight as well as being 13 years older.

Comparing myself to others…

Others my own age and younger!

I look at my peers and people who are in the same field I want to be in, the creative, maker, artist, all round cool individual and know that I could have been at that stage had I just worked a little harder, pushed myself more and focused on my goals. If I had worked for just 30 minutes a day on my plans then I would so much further than I am today. I still feel like I am on the starting block. 30 minutes is nothing, a couple of friends episodes, a casual Pinterest or Instagram scroll. This is both desperately depressing and like I have been hit by lightning at the same time. 30 minutes. 30 minutes minimum every damn day.


I will also log what I do each day, what I work on and how long I spend doing it. Will I report back weekly? Not sure right now, I will see how interesting that seems!

Just to add on, while I think it was 90% laziness that I haven’t achieved my dreams yet, I also think it is 5% being afraid of failing and 5% not knowing how. I will cover these in another post.

Too lazy or too scared

I've got dreams guide

When life gives you some mouldy lemons

When life throws some mouldy lemons your way, what do you do? Whether those lemons are in the form of a traumatic event, a loss, or even just a really shitty day…those lemons can change everything.

Something happened to me recently that has changed my life and perspective. More on the details another day but the ‘event’ was traumatic and life-changing. My whole purpose and outlook on life has been changed and oh boy, what a rollercoaster of change.

So not only am I going through the emotions of what happened but this change has left me feeling quite lost. The ‘change’ has not finished happening yet, I am still on the rollercoaster and I am waiting to see where I land.

At this point in time, it has been three and a half weeks since the event and I know it’s not yet enough time but I really want to start working towards my new goals and dreams. The only problem is I am still trying to work them out fully. The other problem is what happened to me is still playing with my emotions and will continue to do so for quite a while, this means the willingness to work on myself and my dreams comes and goes like big ole’ crashing waves.

Back to my original question: What do you do when life throws you some stinky mouldy lemons?

Answer: I held onto the lemons…I still have them. While I would love to say I’ve thrown them away, I can’t just yet and I guess that is okay. I am hoping I can soon but I am allowing myself some time. Time to think, talk, and just be. I have support, love and I am beyond lucky to have people to reach out to.

Resources for help:




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Quick Update: I’ve Got Dreams


A very quick update to let you know that I am still here.

So what have I been up to…more importantly what have I been doing to make my dreams come true? Honestly…nothing. A big fat lazy zero from me. I don’t know why I do it to myself, I want this to happen, I want to make my life better and I have the means to do it…but I don’t.

I think I am too comfortable at the moment, yeah sure money is tight, I have debts to pay off, I don’t want to work in retail anymore…but I am not struggling, I get paid monthly just enough to cover my bills and food. So I get home from work, I shower, eat dinner and watch Netflix. That’s it. It’s not good enough, I know that, but I am too good at switching my brain off to the things that really matter.

I want to turn this around so I am going to work really hard to break this routine. No matter I tired I might think I am when I get home…I’m not that tired. I have plenty of brain power left over, I just need to sit at my desk instead of the sofa…and resist the Netflix or YouTube trap.

I’ve Got Dreams Set Up #1

Hi, my name is Emma and I am started chasing my dreams in my late twenties. A few years later and I have become even braver with my goals, they have gotten bigger and bolder! Read more about me here.

I am setting up this website and blog to help you with your dreams and thought I would share the process as I go with this series ‘I’ve got dreams set up’.

Hopefully this will be useful for you; not only in sharing the practical side of things but also being open about my goals, what I hope to achieve and what my big dreams are.

How ivegotdreams.com begins

So to get you up to speed and to truly start from the beginning here’s how I have got to this very early point.

Last week my partner and I had a ‘business meeting’ (we went to a coffee shop with some notebooks) that I had planned the week before. I was beginning to get tired of my day to day life, earning little money and being frustrated that I am no better off than I was ten years ago. We have had some amazing experiences over the past three years don’t get me wrong (more on those another time) where we lived in different European cities and I was lucky enough that I didn’t have to work. Coming back to reality and low paid work has pushed me into wanting to change my life.

Back to reality

Now we are back to reality and I realise I don’t want to carry on like this, so I headed to YouTube (of course!) for inspriration and watched lots of videos on how others have changed their lives. I watched countless hours of YouTube videos on people remote working and travelling the world but most of the ones I watched ended up being about making money online…this is what got me excited. Very excited. If we could make money online doing something we enjoy we could travel and live wherever we want.

Business meeting for 2

So off we went to the coffee shop and brainstormed a ton of ideas and both of us came away with good plans on what we want to do with our lives. I’ve got dreams being one of my plans, we also have some really good ideas on things to work on together, ways for me to earn a little extra straight away, saving money, and a fresh dose of motivation and desire to accomplish our goals.

If this sounds like something you would like to do then I would suggest following the 10 steps below.

10 steps to decide on your goals

  1. Set aside a specific day to brainstorm, whether it is with yourself, a friend, or partner etc.
  2. Go to a coffee shop and take along some notepads, pens, and an open mind.
  3. Be prepared to be honest and to hear some truths…especially if your doing this with your partner.
  4. Start brainstorming about what you want out of life…travel, family, money, success, a home, a sports car etc. If you have different goals, that’s ok! You can compromise, merge goals or agree to do both!
  5. Think about how you want your day to day life to be, where you would like to be based etc.
  6. Next think about how you can and how you would like to earn money. Write down all possibilities…not matter how far fetched or silly they might sound. It opens your mind to more ideas and you can cross them off later. We started with becoming movie stars, stupid and unrealistic but it helps open the mind! We also included part-time work on our list knowing that it’s a great way to get a little extra cash if needed.
  7. Discuss ideas, research suggestions online, encourage each other and suggest strengths the other person might not have thought of.
  8. Make a plan! Write down some actions and deadlines.
  9. Get started!
  10. Seriously, get started. Don’t be put off because you don’t know how to do something or it all seems ridiculous. Realise that you are capable of learning, lots of other people (less smart than you) have done it, and there is so much information online to guide you.

One of my favourite quotes is:

The best time to plant a tree quote on ivegotdreams.com

“The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second best time is now.” Chinese proverb

That’s my first post and my first action to making my dreams come true. I plan on sharing this journey with you and everything I learn along the way; including the mistakes!

If you have any thing you would like to add to the 10 steps above please leave a comment, I would love to hear what you have to add.