You’re up for elevating every moment of every day in a way that only you can, and the GLA has the versatile luxury to do it. Set in a minimalistic environment with a tone-on-tone stage, minimal prop styling and fun synth pop beats, the GLA transforms your every day or night into the one you desire.


Set Design and Build
Post Production
To create launch assets for the brand new Mercedes GLA. The content needed to be modular and work on many different platforms including social, website, and out of home print. The challenge was to create a live action video that mirrored qualities brought out in 3D.

Using the next generation in large motion controlled systems from MRCO the MILO gave us the capabilities to perform exact repeatable movements that are closer to a virtual camera than a live action one. The talent in these scenes were meant to take a back seat to the set design with the car being the main point of focus. Placing the car at the center of our muted simplistic sets allowed us to achieve this.

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